Social Media’s Role in the Robe Issue

Picture used during a Fox 25 segment about the Graduation Robe Issue at FHS

Picture used during a Fox 25 segment about the Graduation Robe Issue at FHS

Lucy Hemingway, Writer

There is no sugarcoating when it comes to the graduation robe issue that has risen at Franklin High School this past week.

Already FHS has been on the news and even a twitter account was made due to the backlash of this situation. Fox 25 first picked up this story after students began tweeting about a proposal the school’s Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) presented to the Student Government. Immediately, students shared their opinions of the issue on Twitter and tensions rose. Some sided with GSA while others backed the FHS tradition.

The robe issue has brought to light how powerful social media is. A discussion that could have stayed within the school has been broadcasted over the internet drawing in outside views. These outside views include parents who are taking part in this discussion on their preferred social media platform, Facebook. Many parents of FHS students are apart of a Franklin based Facebook group, called Friends In Franklin, and several posts in the group have brought up the robe issue.

For now we can only wait until the school makes a decision on whether the robe tradition will stay the same or change. Students will keep on tweeting their opinions and the issue will continue to get publicity.

Those interested and wish to see how powerful social media movements are, here is an article that recaps some of the top social media movements from this year. It shines light on major issues that can relate back to the robe issue FHS is facing today.