Bibliophilia Isn’t a Crime at Franklin High’s Literary Guild

Natalie Bavar, writer

Imagine having 20 kids all in the same room who love reading and literature. Mr. Dibona says that’s rare, but not so rare that you won’t find it at FHS. The Literary Guild is a club in which a group of students come together once or twice a month to discuss a selected text.

The main reason behind the Guild, says Mr. Dibona (the supervising teacher), is that “reading has become… very linear” and so by creating an environment where students can reach into “the eternal realm of ideas” and share them with other people, a deeper understanding of literature can be achieved.

Fay Newton and Anna Kroon, two seniors, run and organize the Guild with the assistance of Mr. Dibona, and together they compile a list of books that might be interesting for the club to read.

Fay and Ana then send out an Itslearning message to all new and recurring members asking them to vote on which book to read, allowing the group to make a democratic decision.

When asked what aspects of books are discussed during the meetings, Fay responded that they basically discuss everything, also stressing that a unique quality of the meetings is that they talk about “how the literature relates to current events,” allowing “so many different perspectives to be voiced.”

Mr. Dibona encourages avid readers to come, especially if they are interested in studying literature without an impending grade and in finding their own “existential path towards meaning.”

The next meeting will be on April 2 in room 332 and will be discussing the novel Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe.