Internet vs. Paper & Pen

FHS Students learning on their chrome books

FHS Students learning on their chrome books

Nora Patriquin, Writer

Technology has gone a long way through Franklin High School. Now students and teachers are basing everything off of technology. Everyone has different opinions on which they prefer.

When asked about his opinion, Lucas Giguere, Franklin High School Administrator, stated, “I think technology has its place in education and helps manage student information.”

He also said that he does not believe that it can not replace face to face interaction when going over instructions.

Most teachers are basing their lessons off of google documents, and when the internet goes down students and teachers can not carry on the lesson. Taking attendance, emailing students, using Itslearning, and teaching are all things that get interrupted when the internet goes down.

The primary objectives when the internet goes down, Giguere explained, are to call someone for technical help and to maintain teachers to keep them on task of teaching a lesson. However, he said, it is good that the internet has not gone down over a long period of time.

Matt Collins, an FHS Student, also gave his opinion. He says that “technology is the way the world is going for schools and everything is becoming more technological.” He believes that because of this, we have to keep up with the time.

“Paper and pen is harder to copy down but with paper and pen nothing bad happens, it doesn’t crash- there will always be paper and pen. I use paper and pen.”

Matt said he believes everywhere in the school there may be a problem with the internet. On the other hand, Giguere states that because there is internet all over the school, no place is weaker than another, and for the most part it’s always working.

When the internet goes down Matt does what the teachers tell him to do or he will sit and wait. When his Chromebook does not have internet, Matt says he sometimes sits and waits, or restarts his computer. Then, when he logs back in, it works.

Matt states that many people become frustrated because students and teachers cannot get work done when the internet is down.