Student Government Weekly Update 3/27

Student Government Weekly Update 3/27

Student Government members with their floral apparel at Friday’s meeting

Abigail Weinberg, Editor

Student Government met Friday morning to discuss Franklin Fridays, student issues, and the end of the year dance.

The club spent around $1000 last month purchasing Elizabeth’s Bagels vouchers for the winning class. This month’s sponsor will be the Cake Bar, and the class with the highest participation rate throughout the month will be rewarded in April.

In addition to the effort to improve school culture through Franklin Fridays, Student Government is looking for more ways to use lanyards, perhaps as an attendance tool in the library or cafeteria. The possibility of using lanyards to access the printers has been delayed until next year.

A date for the Spring Fling end-of-the-year event has been finalized as June 19, the Friday before finals.

Student Government officers also reported that the courtyard will be open to students when the weather gets warmer. A school store will be opened at an undetermined date in the future.