Faculty Friday: Ruffing Is Running: Can You Keep Up?

Faculty Friday: Ruffing Is Running: Can You Keep Up?

Natalie Bavar, Writer

Lauren Ruffing is a tenth grade English teacher who has been teaching for 10 years. She loves to write and says that “language is very cool.”

Two years ago, she reached a point in life where she wanted to do something interesting, so she decided to run the Boston Marathon.

The prevalent reason behind her motivation is that her brother ran for an organization called The Children’s Room in the name of their now deceased mother, and she wants to continue supporting her mother.

In order to prepare, she ran five half marathons.

The marathon is less than two weeks away, and Ms. Ruffing admitted that she is nervous, saying “I’m actually kind of scared.”

Besides running, Ms. Ruffing also participates in a variety of other activities, such as cardio kick boxing and dancing. In addition, she says that she would also love to join a soccer team of some sort.

Despite her affinity for active entertainment, Ms. Ruffing also places a lot of importance in her family and friends. She drives up to the North Shore frequently to visit her nieces and nephews, and works hard to maintain her friendships.

She said that because work takes up so much of her time, friendships can be more difficult to manage, but she still has friends that she made in high school.

Even with all of the busy aspects in her life, Ms. Ruffing makes time to enjoy herself and give attention to the people that really matter, her friends and family, of course, but also the students that rely on her.