Faculty Friday: The Notorious B.O.C.

Faculty Friday: The Notorious B.O.C.

In Mr. O’Connor’s 15 years as a History and Economics teacher at Franklin High School, he has brought a sense of humor to what is commonly referred to as the “dismal science.” In a recent interview, O’Connor talked about his career and opened up about his hobbies outside of school.

Known to students by his initials, BOC, Mr. O’Connor began teaching not out of a fondness for the fields of history and economics in particular, but because of his lifelong enjoyment of learning. He expressed that he was pleased with the increase in dynamic learning opportunities and access to primary sources that has emerged in the past 15 years.

In Mr. O’Connor’s second year of teaching, a student approached him and confessed that he had impregnated his girlfriend.

“I was rattled,” O’Connor later said of the incident.

The student left O’Connor sitting at his desk wondering what to do, then popped back into the room and said, “April Fools!”

O’Connor got his revenge on the student by having him called out of class by a vice principal who was in on the plan. The student was told that he had committed a serious academic offense; even though none had occurred, he was suitably frightened.

When asked about his hobbies, O’Connor mentioned his interest in gardening. He owns a perennial garden and described himself as having a “green thumb.”

“I like to grow Bonsai trees,” he joked, ever keeping with his sense of humor.

Then, he closed the interview with a sarcastic, “There’s no place for joking in education.”