Faculty Friday: Señora Brandt

Isabella Castro, Editor

Language has always been a passion for Franklin High School’s Ms. Brandt. It is not a surprise she furthered her interest, as she grew up in a family enticed by the subject.

Ms. Brandt went on to major in spanish at Boston College and later to teach at Randolph High School for five years. Before coming to FHS, where she has now been teaching spanish for two years, Ms. Brandt had gone into the field of law.

However, Ms. Brandt loves being able to communicate with another culture and hopes to impact the next generation through teaching. She aims to spread her passion and knowledge through making the subject relevant to her student’s lives.

Ms. Brandt expresses she loves her job teaching spanish and finds it hard to select her favorite part of it.

“It’s hard to say, I love all of what I do.” she says.

Other than teaching, Ms. Brandt has a great enthusiasm for sports, especially those of BC and is an advisor for the FHS Mock Trial. Also, what many of FHS may not know is that she is a triplet!

Among the students of FHS, it is said Ms. Brandt is one of the kindest teachers; in each class she proves herself to be compassionate and supportive to her students.