Farewell Giguere

Isabella Castro, Producer and Writer


As the 2014-2015 school years closes, Franklin High says goodbye to their seniors, but also to Vice Principal, Mr. Giguere.

Rumors of Giguere’s departure began in the spring among the student body. Students were confused about how their VP could leave FHS, allowing for feelings of sadness to rise.

However, these feelings were replaced with excitement as Giguere’s new position was announced.

He says: “I have accepted the position as Principal of Bellingham High School.”

The hiring process began early in the Spring and received great support from Mr. Light. As Giguere is excited for his new position, he will sincerely miss FHS.

Giguere expresses nostalgia as he gives his thanks to those who have made his years in Franklin successful. Including, the faculty, parents, students, and the administration.

For the full interview, please see the attached video.