Meet the New Administrators: Mr. Williams


At the beginning of this school year, Franklin High School hired many new teaching staff, including three vice principals and also a deputy principal to replace those who left.

Staying with Franklin’s public schools, Mr. Williams moved from being a teacher at Annie Sullivan Middle School, to one of the vice principals at FHS. After teaching seventh and eighth grade history, Williams decided to take the next step in his career.

“I wanted to take what I did in the classroom and bring it school wide” says Williams.

Before starting his career, Mr. Williams was interested in history and wanted to either become a lawyer or have a position in education. While in high school, Williams was the captain of his soccer team during his senior year. He also participated in student government and the senate (student council). By the time his high school career ended, Williams decided that studying history in college was what he wanted to do.

Mr. Williams attended Union College in New York and majored in history. Also, at college, before starting graduate school, which was when he earned a teaching degree, Williams met his wife.

Mr. Williams decided to work in Franklin because he has always been interested in living in the Boston area. He also enjoys the Franklin community. Williams is very excited to be one of the new vice principals, but knows he has a lot to learn.

“I feel as if the students and parents are eager to learn and eager to help” Williams says. “I am here to help students become the best they can be.”

So, please go say hello to our new vice principal. As Mr. Williams says “A simple hello and introducing yourself can go a long way.”