What’s For Sale? A Look Inside The School Store.


Carolyn Fenerty & Angela Baker

Many FHS students have been wondering about the new school store, and now Pantherbook has all the answers.The school store is currently only open at certain times.

“The school store is open during select times and periods throughout the day,” says Mr. Carmo. “In the near future we plan to be open from 7:15- 7:30 in the morning and 2:05- 2:30.“

Additionally, the store hopes to be involved in FHS special occasions adds Mr. Carmo:

“We also plan on be open during special events, such as Curriculum Night and Panther Pride night.”

For students who have been wondering what the store will be selling, Mr. Carmo says:

“Currently we have a wide array of school supplies. We plan on carrying everything from FHS merchandise, holiday specific items, lanyards, supplies, headphones etc. Our goal is to keep the inventory fresh and always changing. We want our customers to feel like they are opening a treasure chest filled with goodies and surprises.”

And how will the school food policy factor in?

“There are currently no plans to sell food in the store,” Mr. Carmo told us, “But we won’t rule it out for the future.”

Students can follow on Twitter @FHSSchoolStore