Meet Ms. Quinn

Dharani Rangthale

With a new year of school, there have been many new teachers who have joined FHS.  One of whom, Ms. Quinn, who is  a new Spanish teacher.

She grew up in Binghamton, New York and then went to college in Rochester  where she studied Spanish and gathered her teaching experience. She has traveled abroad to many places such as Costa Rica, England, Spain, Ireland, and France.

She has been studying Spanish since the seventh grade and because of her love and passion of the language, she has been studying it for about fifteen years. Her love and passion  of the language persuaded her to teach at the high  school level.  

She then came to Franklin after hearing phenomenal things about the area and noticing that there was a job opening, which she applied to and was able to obtain the position.

She hopes to get involved within the FHS community, and work well with her students to create a long and meaningful year. She hopes everyone has a great year as well.