Mock Trial Season Preview – A Return to the Final Four?

Grace Griffin & Riley Halliday

Over the recent years, mock trial has become a hugely popular club at Franklin High. Simply put, mock trial is a fake court in which students play the parts of attorneys and witnesses. One of the captains of mock trial, Franklin High senior Sara Richardson says, “we get a case and perform examinations for the witnesses given in the case and use different kinds of rules and objections to strengthen the arguments.”

Varsity coach and FHS history teacher, Mr. Walsh, says that mock trial stresses competition. Other very important aspects of mock trial include “critical thinking skills, intellectual curiosity, strong work ethic”, according to Walsh.

Last year’s mock trial team achieved an amazing feat when they made it to the final four in the state competition. This was the first time they had made it to prestigious the final four out of 153 teams. Students on the team spent months in preparation, looking at rules as well as the many demographics that their assigned case had to offer.

Walsh’s goal for this year’s team is to go even farther by winning the state championship and moving on to the national competition.

Richardson highlights how rewarding it is to see the things they practice in meetings come to life at the trials. She also loves to see her work as a captain pay off when she sees other members learn from what she and the other captains have taught them.

Without the help of varsity coaches, Walsh and other faculty advisor, FHS spanish teacher Ms. Brandt, Mock Trial may never have obtained the victories they did. The club is also excited to welcome FHS history teacher, Mr. Perkins, as the JV Mock coach.

Why do students love Mock Trial? A varsity member from last year, Franklin High junior Christopher Regan, simply states, “I love public speaking”, while returning junior and past varsity member, Alycia Felli says “being in Mock Trial gave me an opportunity to discover my passion for law. The group turns into my second family during competition season.”

Mock Trial is truly a team effort, always on the lookout for hardworking, public-speaking loving individuals ready to compete.

Still unsure if mock trial is right for you? Richardson advises “Join it 100%. It is not necessarily for people who want to go into law, there’s also witnesses who have to act, and there’s a lot of preparation and work that goes into it as well.”

mock2Now that the new school year is in full swing, the Mock Trial team is ready to begin its 2015-2016 season. If you’re GUILTY of being a hardworking and competitive individual, come to the Thursday night meetings at 6:30pm in the lecture hall, and get ready to WITNESS an unforgettable year.