Teacher of the Week: Ms. Gordon

Sophia Sabini-Leite

This week, Ms. Gordon is our Teacher of the Week.


  1. Full Name/Nickname: My name is Colleen Gordon, but ever since I got married, many have called me “gordo”.
  2. If  I were not at my job right now i’d probably be: On the beach or playing with my one year old,  Katherine.
  3. Something most people would be surprised to know about me is: I am shy when it comes to meeting new people.
  4. My biggest fear: Bugs and spiders.
  5. One day I plan to: Travel cross country tour baseball stadium tour
  6. The best/worst thing about my job is: The best thing is the “lightbulb” moment. When kids get it and a “lightbulb” goes off. The worst has to be waking up when it is still dark out.
  7. Favorite season: My least favorite is definitely winter, so my favorite is fall.
  8. What school did you go to: University of Pennsylvania for college.
  9. Favorite movie/TV show: Any cooking competition show.
  10. If you could have one superpower, what would it be: It would be to stop time and be able to add more hours to the day.
  11. 5 ways to use a pencil:

– Writing (of course)

– Erasing

– “Frustration taker outer”

– To tap on your head when you’re thinking

– For chopsticks

  1. Favorite childhood memory was:  The summers at my swim club and swimming on the swim team.
  2. The last book I read: The last book, other than the books for the AP History summer reading and “Hate Jamestown”, was “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn.
  3. 14. The last concert I attended: Zac Brown… this was before Katherine.
  4. Funniest thing to happen to me at work was: I trip all the time…

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