Teacher of the Week: Ms. Guarino

Sophia Sabini-Leite

This week, Ms. Guarino is our Teacher of the Week.

  1. Full Name/Nickname: Elizabeth Ann Guarino, but my friends call me Liz.
  2. If  I were not at my job right now i’d probably be: Drinking coffee, reading, or exercising,
  3. Something most people would be surprised to know about me is: I used to be a blond.
  4. My biggest fear: I am afraid of heights.
  5. One day I plan to: Own my own house and have kids.
  6. The best/worst thing about my job is: The best is all the students, English department, and overall faculty. The worst, is the never ending “to-do” lists.
  7. Favorite season: Spring
  8. What school did you go to: Clark University in Worcester.
  9. Favorite movie/TV show: My favorite movie is, “50 First Dates, and my favorite t.v. show is “Game of Thrones”.
  10. If you could have one superpower, what would it be: To be able to absorb an infinite amount of knowledge, and be able to remember everything I have ever learned.
  11. 5 ways to use a pencil:
  • To write with
  • To erase with
  • To sharpen
  • To measure
  • For magic tricks
  1. Favorite childhood memory was: Going on vacation with my family. Spending two weeks, anywhere, with my brother and sister.
  2. The last book I read: For school, the last book was “Fahrenheit 451”, by Ray Bradbury. At home, the last book was “Game of Thrones” by George R. R. Martin.
  3. 14. The last concert I attended: I saw a DJ in Boston.
  4. Funniest thing to happen to me at work was: Nothing in specific, but at work there is definitely never a dull moment.

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