Franklin High Welcomes New Store “The Den”

Franklin High Welcomes New Store “The Den”

Hannah Sweeney, Writer

The long-anticipated wait has come to a close as the new Franklin High School store, named “The Den”, opens its doors to students.

Mr. Carmo’s accounting classes have been working diligently in order to see the new school wide store up and running.

“It’s open right now and ready to sell,” says Junior Megan Lazarek, a student in Mr. Carmo’s Accounting II class. “We don’t have all the apparel yet but that will be coming in soon,” Lazarek adds. “But for now all our school supplies are for sale.”

The Den, located on the first floor next to the library, will be a student-run store, under the guidance of Mr. Carmo. The store is planning to be open before and after school, between the times 7:05-7:35 a.m. and then 2:05-2:15 p.m.

“Mr. Carmo really made this store happen along with some of his classes,” says Jennifer Ayotte, a Senior who is also in Mr. Carmo’s Accounting II class. “At the end of last year, my Accounting class helped name it, ‘The Den,’ she said. “This year, Accounting II is helping find things to purchase for the store and keeping the books for it.”

The store will sell Franklin High merchandise such as apparel and bumper stickers as well as school supplies such as pencils, pens, notebooks, and even graphing calculators.

The Den hopes to offer easy access to many of the necessary supplies an everyday student at Franklin High might need. Also, the students behind the new store hope that The Den will positively add to the culture of Franklin High School.