Uproar Over Panthers’ T-Shirts

Uproar Over Panthers T-Shirts

Charlotte Gardner, Writer

Seniority over Senior t-shirts leads to new design with more student input.

In the past week, the Seniors of Franklin High have created a fierce debate over the design and slogan of their honorary Senior t-shirts.

When asked about the design student Julia Meredith stated:

“The school can be a little more original. There’s a lot of other options other than incorporating ‘16’ which really vaguely looks like ‘IG’.”

Many students joined together to reach out to members of the Student Government to convey their issues with the design and to voice new suggestions or opinions. The overwhelming decision on the state of the shirts called for desperate change.

Member of Student Government, Nicole Walsh, reflected on the experience of creating the shirts and noted that:

“Designing the shirts was a first for us, and trial and error was expected. The good thing is that it all worked out in the end.”

The light at the end of Panther Way came to the seniors in the form of an itslearning poll, allowing the students to have a more in-depth say of what is to be personalized on their t-shirts.

Three choices for the class slogan were published last Tuesday and the students have chosen for “We’re Kind Of A B16 Deal” to be memorialized on the shirts.

In regards to the ordering of the shirts, Ms. Butler will have forms outside of room 213 when the ordering begins.