Discrete Mathematics is An Option

Marissa Gugala, Writer

The Course Discrete Mathematics is at risk of being cut from Franklin High School’s curriculum next year.  Discrete Mathematics is an elective course and there is currently only one class being taught at the school.  In order for the course to avoid being terminated students are encouraged to sign up for it during next year’s class selection.

The teacher who previously taught this course has since retired and Ms. Thornton, the new teacher , says this is the first year in a while that Franklin has offered this course.  Once a course is cut from the curriculum it is hard to bring it back.

Ms. Thornton says, it’s important for the students to be exposed to different types of math in general.  Discrete math is a different math than what students would have done before.  She believes that maybe if students took the course they could see some parts of math they like.

There are two types of mathematics, continuous math and discrete math.  Discrete math is taking out all of the intervals of fractions and only focusing on the integers while continuous math works with the numbers in between.

Ms Thornton described discrete mathematics as more real world based, more concrete than continuous math because students are looking at certain instances instead of what happens when they go to infinity.  This course is a lot of problem solving, and logical thinking, and collaboration.

If someone were to observe the class they would notice that it is very student centered.  Students are given a task and a guide they can work through with their peers.  Ms. Thornton says, the students are given the tools to succeed but they’re not exactly told how to succeed.

Her goal for teaching this course  is for students to develop a better relationship with math.  If you are looking for a different math or even just a great classroom environment Discrete Mathematics may be for you.