A Random Act of Kindness at Franklin High

Caroline Moll

On Wednesday, October 28th, the 2nd floor girl’s bathroom of the school exploded in an abundance of positive sticky notes. They included many supportive messages, encouraging girls to find confidence within themselves. Above the rainbow of notes posted on the wall was the hashtag #ChooseKindness written on bright yellow paper. The idea of this was inspired by the Choose Kindness campaign, an anti-bullying mission launched by Disney. The campaign is sponsored by partners GLAAD and GLSEN. Both of these organizations were founded by the LGBT community to fight against discrimination and bullying.

By 9 on Wednesday morning, there were over 40 notes. By noon, the count climbed to over 100 uplifting messages scattered across the mirrors and walls, all written by the female student body.

“I think it’s helpful because girls are so spiteful to other girls sometimes, but this helps them by telling them to stay positive. A lot of girls need that boost of confidence and that encouragement that comes from knowing they’re not alone”, added junior Erika Stone.

After arriving that morning, she stopped by the bathroom to take a picture and tweeted it.  She loved the idea of encouraging students to write more notes. “Girls should come together and help each other out more often, like this, instead of being so judgmental,” she added to her statement. “We don’t get that on a daily basis”

Stone was not the only one loving the positivity here. Senior Morgan Peterson said “I think the #ChooseKindness Campaign is really cool, especially now that it’s present in the girls’ bathroom,” When asked why she thought this was important, she told me “A lot of high school girls are extremely stressed, not only academically but socially especially with extra curricular activities. So for me, this morning when I was exhausted and overwhelmed, walking into a bathroom filled with love and acceptance literally brought tears to my eyes.”

So who is to be credited with starting such a successful movement in the school? Two girls, responsible for putting up the original notes, should be given all the credit. Although many people have suspicions on who they may be, the two have decided they would rather stay anonymous.

“We did it to help a friend of ours who was feeling upset, but then so many people got involved,” stated one of the girls. “It makes me so happy knowing that even one or two people had smiles on their faces because of what we did today. It wasn’t just us who wrote the messages, it was the rest of the girls at our school, which made all the difference.” She’s right. The fact that the messages were handwritten by all the students did make all the difference.

One girl in the bathroom said she was writing what she would want to hear herself. Another said she wanted to make the words of her sticky note her future senior quote. Regardless of the fact that the creators wish to stay anonymous, many girls say it made their day to see their peers spreading positivity.

To whoever responsible, I think we can all agree with Peterson when she says, “Thank you to whoever started this. And thank you for reminding the female student body how important we all are, #ChooseKindness.”