All Hands on Deck for Prom

All Hands on Deck for Prom

Hannah Sweeney, Writer

Although prom is still months away, student government is already making preparations for the upcoming event, along with the help of a few extra students.

With all the other responsibilities student government has, the members have decided to organize a prom committee in order to make the process much easier and less stressful for those in charge.

“We think it will be really nice to have some outside people to give ideas and help us out since we have so much to do,” says Catherine LeClair, the Secretary of the Junior class. “It will be awesome for us to have some people focused just on prom,” LeClair adds.

Within the next few weeks, interested students will have the opportunity to sign up for this committee. These interested students will have to answer some application questions and get signatures from fellow classmates in order to apply for a spot on the committee.

The committee will consist of the four officers, eight representatives, and then five to eight elected students. This will all be under the supervision of the two advisers of the junior class, Ms. Kayan and Ms. Renfrew.

According to junior Julia Hogan, a member at large of Student Council, “The committee members will help us make important decisions, help us get vendors, work with decorations, and figure out set up as we get closer.”

For those interested in applying for a spot on the committee, be aware of messages sent by Nicky Gnaman, the President of the Junior class, regarding this topic. Also, there will most likely be further information portrayed on the morning news.

If all goes well, the student government, along with the help of the prom committee, will plan a great prom for the junior class.