Our New English Teacher is Taking on FHS- Ms. Seiler

Our New English Teacher is Taking on FHS- Ms. Seiler

Molly O'Toole, Writer

Ms. Seiler, Franklin High School’s (FHS) new 9th grade English teacher, is excited to start working in such a lovely community as Franklin.

Ms. Seiler has just moved up to New England in June, after her husband got a job at Brown University as a manager of International Internships. Before moving up here, Seiler lived in Northern Virginia, just about a half and hour outside of Washington DC. Before living in Virginia, Ms. Seiler grew up in Davis, California. She continued living in California through early adulthood, attending college in Santa Barbara, California.

After college, Ms. Seiler began to teach at a high school in Fredericksburg Virginia called Stafford High School. At Stafford High School she taught there for a total of five years, all in which she taught 9th grade English. In addition to teaching 9th grade English, she taught 12th grade English for two  years, and spent four years teaching a Creative Writing Class.

Overall, Ms. Seiler enjoyed teaching all of her classes but she especially loved teaching the Creative Writing class.

She even said: “Creative writing was really fun because we got to do lots of poetry, and writing stories… I really enjoyed that class so much.”

The love of teaching this Creative Writing Class probably stemmed from her passion for creative writing; one of the reasons she decided to be an English teacher.

As she settles into life at FHS, Ms. Seiler has experienced some challenges as being a new member of staff.  She admits there’s a lot to learn as a new member of the FHS faculty.

For example, Ms. Seiler said: “I don’t know if  grades are sent home or if you just look in Aspen for quarter grades.”

But besides little things like that, her transition to FHS has gone pretty smooth so far.

FHS is much different from Stafford High School, the school Ms. Seiler previously taught at. She describes FHS to be much prettier than Stafford High. That is considering the fact that Stafford High had no windows and that most students thought it looked like a prison.

Ms. Seiler also is enjoying the students at FHS.

“The students here in general, overall have been a little more better behaved too,” she said.

She reveals that there were more behavioral problems at her old school.

If Ms. Seiler could give one piece of advice to all of us, it would be to not burn yourself out.

“I think that keeping balance is very important,” she said.  “I think that it is important to do well and try your best but… to continue to try your best and persevere.”

Ms. Seiler added: “But it also important to balance yourself out, so you don’t burn yourself out too.”

This in summary means to push yourself but not so much that it changes you. That you should work hard, but enjoy life too.

In conclusion, Ms. Seiler has a lot of experience teaching and is ready to begin her new chapter here teaching at FHS.

“I am really excited to be working here at Franklin High School and to be a part of this community,” she said.

“I am looking forward to working here for a long time.”