Drama Club Gearing up for Rose of Treason

Videos by Madison Perkins

Dharani Rangthale

The FHS drama club has been working to create the play, Rose of Treason.

Rose of Treason takes place during the 1940s in Germany, when Hitler and the Nazi Party were rising to power. In the play, Sophie, played by Riley Halliday,  and her brother Hans, played by Robbie Hoye,  come from an upper class German family,  and join the Hitler Youth after their mother encourages them.  

However, over time, Sophie starts questioning her surroundings and realizes what Hitler is doing is wrong and later Hans does too. When he’s attending college he creates a resistance group called the “White Rose” which distributes pamphlets to persuade people not to follow or believe Hitler’s message. Later, Sophie finds out what her brother is doing and joins the group.  

However, they must be careful because speaking against Hitler is dangerous and has severe consequences.

“It’s pretty emotional, and it takes a different perspective and focuses on the Germans’ side rather than the Jewish side,” says Riley Halliday.  

“It’s important to see because you can learn something from it,” she adds.

Rose of Treason will be performed on December 16th and 17th in the auditorium, at 7pm. Tickets will cost $5 for students and $12 for adults.