Immigration Debate Draws Crowd as TARS and Young Democrats Show their Best

Grace Griffin, Feature Writer

On Thursday, December 10, the Teenage Republicans hosted the Young Democrats for a debate on immigration in the Franklin High School lecture hall. (click on slide show below)
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Both sides came prepared with strong facts and statistics to support their side of the argument. Franklin High assistant principal Mr. Williams and FHS Deputy Principal Mr. Peri served as moderators and asked both sides pointed questions.

Generally, the democratic stance on immigration is allowing immigrants into our country legally and making it easier to become a citizen. Some key points brought up by the Young Democrats included that our country was formed by immigrants, and that the statue of liberty is engraved in a quote welcoming people to the United States.

In terms of the Syrian refugee crisis, the Young Democrats brought up facts about the screening process for refugees coming into the United States and how hard it is to seek refugee status. They also appealed to emotions by referencing the horrible conditions the people from Syria are fleeing to the US from.

On the other side, the general ideas the Teenage Republicans put forth included ideas of national security and the toll massive immigration would take on our national debt. They included an emotional story of a woman who was killed in the United States by an illegal immigrant who would not be prosecuted for their crime.

On the topic of Syrian refugees, the Teenage Republicans stressed the importance of national security again and the possible threat of terrorists entering the country via the Syrian refugees. They also again mentioned economic challenges to take in more people.

“I think both sides were very informed on the topic and made great points” says FHS junior Emma Baltz, who came to watch the debate.

If you are interested in politics and would like to participate in the next debate, be sure to check out the Young Democrats meetings after school on Thursdays in room 224 or the Teenage Republicans meetings on Thursdays in room 245.

Also, make sure to follow the Teenage Republicans and the Young Democrats on twitter to see information about the clubs and the upcoming debates.