Major Changes to the Lanyard Policy

Major Changes to the Lanyard Policy

Helen Huang

Tired of having to wear your lanyard all day? Annoyed that lanyards do not seem to serve a purpose in your life? Student Government listened to your concerns and took action to address them as best as possible. The result? A new FHS lanyard policy.

After several Friday morning meetings and extensive work done by the student government officers and representatives, a new lanyard policy was created, presented to, and accepted by Mr. Light and the rest of administration. One of the biggest changes to the lanyard policy is that lanyards no longer need to be worn around your neck. As long as the ID card is on your person and can be easily retrieved when necessary, you will not be in violation of the new policy.

The purposes and uses of your ID card  have also been expanded. Currently, ID cards are used merely to unlock certain doors and serve as identification for a student. However, starting Tuesday, January 19th, 2016, they can also be used during lunch to reduce the wait time to buy your meal. The first three lines will be reserved for students with their ID cards. In these lines, students can swipe their identification cards instead of having to type in their account numbers. The last line will still be available to students who prefer to use cash or who do not have their lanyard on them.

In addition, ID cards will make printing much more convenient and will reduce the amount of paper and ink wasted because of students trying to print to printers that may not work at the time but that save the print job. Starting next year, when students print a document, the print job will go to the cloud. Then, students can go to whichever printer they choose, swipe their ID cards on a device connected to the chosen printer, and essentially tell that printer to retrieve their print job from the cloud and print their document.

Despite the significant changes in the lanyard policy, there will still be consequences to not bringing your ID card to school. If you need Lou to buzz you in because you are late or come back from an appointment without your ID, then you must sign your name into a logbook and you will receive a detention.

With changes to both the lanyard and food policy, the Franklin High School Student Government is excited to see how its hard work will affect each student’s high school experience. When Student Government Vice President Cam Goldsmith was asked about how she hopes the new lanyard policy will positively impact the FHS community, she explained how students always considered the old lanyard policy as a negative thing. However, the new policy should be seen as a good thing because “it is designed for the convenience of the students and the faculty. The lunch lines will move faster with the ID swipes, Lou will not be inconvenienced with having to let people into the school when they are late, and printing will be far more efficient”.

If you have any suggestions or additional concerns, feel free to contact any student government representative. You can find your class’s representatives on the Student Government website, which is linked on the “Students” section of the school website: