The New Food Policy: What You Need to Know

The New Food Policy: What You Need to Know

Julia Hogan

Some big changes have come to FHS: the FHS Food Policy has been revamped.

Student government has passed a new plan that allows students to eat and drink in any non-science classroom (with permission from the teacher in that classroom), any designated food area, or hallway. The plan also allows students the opportunity to drink beverages other than water (such as coffee) in cups that have a close lid on top before 7:35. After 7:35, students should drink water. Note: the cup MUST have a closed lid on top and it should be in a clear container.

Previously very limiting and what an overwhelming majority of students deemed as unfair, the new food policy will allow more freedom for students and staff to eat and drink where they please.

The new policy comes after student government’s initiative to focus on solving several major student issues, with the food policy on the top of that list.

Student government worked with the administration as well as the teachers to come up with a new plan earlier this month.

“The new food policy is a win for both the faculty and the students. Everyone in student government has worked hard for weeks to come up with a solution that fits both the faculty’s expectations and the needs of the students. The faculty council also played a big role in the development of the new food policy. Without cooperation between students and the council this wouldn’t have been possible.” says student government executive Alex Chitarra.

Many students are happy that a new policy was introduced because of the benefits it will bring.

Hailey Metcalf, a Junior here at FHS is a fan. “I like it…. I think it’s fair- especially because a lot of students don’t eat breakfast so it will allow them to eat something and they will be able to focus in class more”.

Others are just happy that the old policy is no longer in place.

“I thought the old policy was really unfair. It was too strict and it was hard to focus in class if you were really hungry.” says junior Lilly Mucciarone.

Here is the official Food Policy: Students can eat in all non science classrooms, the designated eating area in the library, cafeteria, and hallways. Teachers have individual discretion when implementing a food policy within their classrooms. Students cannot eat in project rooms and computer labs. Students can drink coffee up until 7:35 but it cannot go into the classroom. Water for the rest of the day in a clear container.