The Wifi Problem Uncovered

Ever since FHS moved into it’s new building last school year, the way of learning has advanced to be more technology based, making WiFi connection crucial for students to successfully learn. Lack of internet connection has been a recurring issue at FHS, making students become frustrated when they cannot connect in class to finish their work. However, even though this is still a major issue at FHS, this problem has been getting better over time because the Technology Department has been working hard to make the WiFi more accessible when students need it.

Students have quickly realized that the WiFi issue is not an everyday occurrence, having certain days easier to connect than others, and have also come up with ideas to try to fix the issue themselves. Mala St. Germain, a Junior, states:

“The problems with the WiFi vary from week to week, for instance I can not have WiFi for days but then the next week the WiFi can be perfectly fine.”

To try to fix the issue when she is undergoing a time where the WiFi is not working for her she says “I restart my computer, I turn off the WiFi and turn it back on.I try different networks.” Not only has she noticed the issue in herself at times, she notices her friends undergoing the same issues with the WiFi as she does at times.

Hannah Kinson, a Junior as well, agrees with Mala that the issue varies day to day. She believes that the lack of WiFi connection depends on the amount of students that are on the server at the same time. Kinson states that:

“If I don’t get on [the WiFi] during the first few minutes of class, there’s a 50 – 50 chance I’ll get on at all.” Her strategy to gain WiFi connection when she loses it is a little different than Mala’s. She says: “I use the fps WiFi and bookmark the login page.”

This issue at FHS has caught the attention of administration, whom has been working with the Technology Department to fix this issue for the benefit of the students. Mr. Williams, one of our Vice Principals, believes that the issue has emerged due to the incredible demand the school has put on the Chromebooks. He has noticed the issue, especially, in the Cafeteria, which holds a lot of the Directed Studies for the upperclassmen and also in the lecture hall. Williams then states that the Technology Department is working hard to get the WiFi up and running more successfully, but it is a time consuming project because this issue cannot be fixed quickly.

So what exactly is the Technology Department doing to fix this WiFI issue? Well, they have designed this website,, that students can go to (on a friends’ computer that has WiFi connection) when they have WiFi problems. This will allow the Technology Department to have access points as to where the WiFi issues are in the school. It will map out where the problem is. So, when you have a problem with the WiFi, immediately access a friends’ computer that has connection so the Technology Department can right away fix the issue for you.

The Technology Department says that the issue with the WiFi is not because of the number of access points in the school. The are, in total, 219 access points all around FHS. In fact they had so many access points, they even had to shut some down! The issue with the WiFi is a bug that they cannot seem to see quick enough to turn it off. This website they created can help the Technology Department find the bug quicker to shut it down. If you really want this issue to be fixed, use the website when you have an issue. The more people who use the website will help the school pinpoint where the bug is, so they can get rid of it. The Tech Department has worked so hard on this issue, so help them out a little and go to the website.