Franklin Goes Purple for Chris Herren

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Kylee Hurley, Student Editor

Monday February 29th former NBA star, as well as former addict, Chris Herren, will be attending Franklin High School to make students aware of the epidemic arising in our community.

On Monday the day will begin with a shortened F and G period.  A period will run from nine to ten thirty five, while the sophomores and seniors listen to Herren’s seminar. B period will start at ten thirty five, which will also be lunch block. After lunch block the freshmen and juniors will listen to Herren’s seminar during C period until the end of the day.


Herren is a former Celtics player who grew up in Fall River, but unfortunately struggled with drug and alcohol abuse through much of his NBA career. Since 2008 Herren has been drug free, speaking at many seminars as a way to spread awareness.

“Part of the problem with opioid use, especially in communities like ours is that people deny that the problem even exists in the first place. Then it becomes somewhat ignored, allowing the crisis to become even bigger.” says Franklin High Junior, Hailey Demello upon hearing of Herren’s arrival.

What has now grown to be known as Project Purple, is Herrens organization for people to stand up against substance abuse. Since he has started speaking, he recently published a memoir entitled Basketball Junkie which goes into further detail of his history with substance abuse.

“I hope that the arrival of Chris Herren will teach students the dangers of drugs and how it can alter people’s lives forever. Hopefully this provides some sort of inspiration to people within our community.” Franklin High Junior Hannah Sinks commented.

With recent deaths in the community as a result of substance abuse, the opioid epidemic is becoming more and more prominent amongst the community surrounding Franklin High School. Chris Herren’s timing could not be more perfect.

“It is great that someone who can explain the effect of drugs is coming to our school to address the current drug problem at hand, so students can hear the information from someone respectable. Especially since he is a former professional athlete.” Nicole Rabovsky, senior at Franklin High stated after hearing of Chris Herren’s visit on Monday.

For more information about substance abuse, visit Chris Herren’s web page, Project Purple.