Support the Franklin Food Pantry

Audrey Finn, class of 2018 Representative

Currently the class of 2018 is holding a fundraiser for the Franklin Food Pantry. At both main entrances there will be boxes with sophomore representatives in the mornings randomly handing out tickets for free Elizabeth’s Bagels.

This fundraiser is very important to our Franklin community, financial struggles affect many people living in Franklin and the surrounding towns. This is a great way for you to do something so little that has such an enormous impact. Donating only a few canned goods or other non perishable items will help a family, couple, or individual be able to have access to food.

If you would like to help out your community while possibly getting a chance to get a free delicious bagel, donate goods through March 18th. There is about one week left to get donations in, with your help we can support those in our community in need.