MCAS is Coming!

Julia Hogan, News Editor

With the last couple of months of school right around the corner, many exciting events and activities are taking place at FHS. With that said, these next upcoming months will also feature standardized testing for many students, this including the MCAS.

This year’s test will be one of the last of it’s kind.

Starting in 2017 the MCAS will include some features that were present in the PARCC tests. 

The new MCAS, dubbed the “MCAS 2.0” will be a hybrid of both the PARCC and old MCAS test. The new test comes after the decision by the  Massachusetts Board of Education to get rid of PARCC and revamp the MCAS.

This year, schools in Massachusetts were given the option of taking either the PARCC or the MCAS, as both will be available due to Massachusetts still being a member of the PARCC association. Here in Franklin, it was decided that students will be taking the MCAS.

With testing right around the corner, many students have mixed feelings.

“I think MCAS is a fair test that assesses students strengths based on what they’ve learned throughout the year.” says FHS sophomore Alexa Katsaros.

Sophomore Stephanie Schiavo agrees. “I don’t mind MCAS. I think it is a manageable and realistic.”  

Testing will begin on Tuesday, March 22.


Tuesday periods – BCD

Wednesday periods – GAB

Thursday – EF