Are You Ready for The Dance?

Jillian Reynolds

As girls begin to buy their dresses and boys search for the perfect tie, it’s obvious that school dances are approaching quickly.

The closest one being the sophomore banquet, here’s everything you need to know before arriving:

When: Friday, April 1 from 7:00pm-10:00pm

Where: The Franklin High School Cafeteria – ***Enter by cafeteria ONLY

Tickets: Tickets are available to be purchased online by Thursday, March 31, or at the cafeteria doors Friday night. They are not being sold during lunch. If you are bringing a date who is not a sophomore(freshman or junior), you must pay for their $10 ticket along with your own.

Attendance: It is necessary that you pay your class dues here and/or any money you owe to FHS to attend.

Dress: Semi formal


Nearly a month after sophomore banquet, the highly anticipated junior prom follows:

When: Friday, April 29 from 7:00pm-11:00pm. Check in begins at the hotel at 6:15pm.

Where: Sheraton Tara in Framingham

Tickets: Tickets are estimated to be $100 per person, but could change based on fundraising money collected. You must pay your class dues here to buy a ticket. There is currently a raffle where the winner has an opportunity to gain two free tickets, more information about it can be found here on the FHS Class of 2017 Twitter page.

Attendance: In order to attend prom, you must be in good standing with Franklin High School. That means that you have no outstanding financial obligations, no unresolved discipline issues, and must have payed (3) years of class dues.

Dress: Formal


Although the farthest away, the freshman banquet promises an unforgettable night for all freshman:

When: Friday, April 13 from 6:30pm-9:30pm

Where: The Franklin High School Cafeteria

Tickets: Tickets become available for purchase on April 4, but in the meantime you can pay your class dues for the year here, or pay them for all four years here.

Attendance: It is necessary that you pay your class dues and/or any money you owe to FHS in order to attend the banquet.

Dress: Semi formal


If you have any more questions regarding the school dances, you can contact your class advisors, officers, or student council via email or in person.
Hope to see you at the dance!