FHS Student Brings Gift of Music to Forge Hill Residents

Grace Griffin

FHS Junior Liam Sennott has launched a new project with the FHS music department and the Forge Hill senior living facility.

Sennott, bassist and member of the FHS school orchestra and the Repertory Orchestra, set up a chamber concert with other musicians for the seniors.

On April 9th, Sennott and other FHS musicians performed pieces they had been working on for the seniors in small groups of two to five.

Sennott stresses the importance of entertainment for the seniors at Forge Hill, as they do not leave the facility and this program brought music directly to them.

“Several of the residents and their relatives came up to us and thanked us for performing for them and told us that it was wonderful”, Sennott says, noting the obvious appreciation from the audience.

While the seniors enjoyed the music, this also benefitted the musicians, as they could practice performing the pieces they had been working on in a stress-free environment.

“We got to perform music in a very relaxed and forgiving environment. Often chamber performances can be nerve-wracking because you are often the only person playing your part, so if you mess up it will be obvious. But the senior citizens look past any errors and will enjoy the music regardless”, explains Sennott.

There are no performances confirmed in the future, but due to the success, Sennott hopes “to make it a normal occurrence so that the seniors can enjoy these performances often”.