Color Run Coming to FHS

Leah O'Brien

Wanna join in on some fun? How about a color run!

Student Government has been busy trying to plan for upcoming events, specifically during the Spring of 2017!

We brainstormed a few fundraisers, but the idea of having a town-wide color run overtook the rest! The color

run is a 5k run/walk event, and there are stations that you go through where people toss packets of colored

powder. Who wouldn’t love being a human rainbow? It would be held at our school, and children and adults of

all ages would be able to attend. Some of the profit made would go to a charity of our choice, which is awesome!

We are still working on the details, but be on the look-out for more information soon to come!

We are very excited to bring this fundraiser to FHS, and can’t wait to “run” it with you!