A Look into Young Democrats: 2016-2017

Kim Janell

Grace Griffin

With the 2016 presidential election almost here, this September is the perfect time to get involved politically, and on the high school level is a great way to start.

Young Democrats is an easy way to get involved in both extracurricular activities and politics. This fall, Young Democrats hopes to gain new members, especially underclassmen looking to expand their knowledge of current events and participate in debates.

Last year, the club debated the Teenage Republicans regularly and new presidents Alycia Felli and Grace Griffin hope to continue this tradition while adding new elements outside of school and debating.

While the debates last year focused on broad political topics, such as the environment and gun control, the club hopes to debate more narrow topics this year, especially hot issues pertaining to the impending election.

Some ideas that have circulated include purchasing and tie-dying club t-shirts, creating a system to score debates, and out of school field trips.

Also, with the 2016 presidential election this November, there will undoubtedly be copious topics to cover in both debates and club meetings.

With Ms. Leardi retiring last year, Mr. Leighton will become the new faculty advisor, meaning the club will meet on Thursdays after school in room 342.

Whether you are new to politics and curious about the club or someone who is well informed, Young Democrats would be happy to have you.

Stay tuned in to the morning announcements and the Young Democrats twitter when school begins, or email Mr. Leighton ([email protected]) for more information on debates and meetings.