Change Your Calendar, Change Your Life

Kylee Hurley, Editor

Now that school is in full swing, many events taking place at Franklin High. Have you ever gone to school, unsure of what period is first? Not sure when the upcoming football game is?

There is an easy way to get school news right at your fingertips. With the Google calendar app on your phone or Chromebook there is a way to keep updated with school news such as sporting events, or school wide events such as Homecoming.

The school calendar which is linked here can be added to your phone or Chromebook simply by clicking the link. Once you are directed to the calendar page, there will be a plus sign on the bottom right hand side of the screen. By clicking on that, the Franklin High Calendar will be uploaded onto your google calendar app.

From now on, if you happen to miss what is said on the school news, or forget what classes you have each day, it can be easily accessible to you through the google calendar app.