The Franklin High School has implemented a new way to print your documents!

STAR Team Staff

How To Print Using FollowMe Print

The Franklin High School has implemented a new way to print your documents!

In the past you would first choose a specific, physical printer and send your print job to it.  This is changing!  NOW you will print to one of two “virtual” print locations. Once your print job is sent to one of these virtual queues it will stay in a “hold” status until YOU release it to a REAL printer using your student ID.  The print job will “Find you” and deliver the print job to that printer while you are at the printer eliminating the waste associated with lost/misdirected print jobs.  

Only your student ID will release your print job.   

To use the new system, follow the instructions below. Just 2 easy steps to getting your print out.

  1. When printing from a chromebook (or on another device while using the chrome browser), Click Print, then click the [Change] button in the Destination section.  In the lower section labeled Google Cloud Print  select one of the two following “Virtual Printers”
    1. HS-Color-P1v – for color print outs
    2. HS-BW-P1v – for Black/White print outs


  1. Visit any of the following “physical printers”  in the list below and tap your card on the proximity reader that looks like this :



You will hear a beep, the print job should start to print within 30 seconds.

Note: All print jobs sent to the “Virtual Printers” will all print sequentially once you tap your ID so make sure you wait for all of them to print.  

If you have any questions, please visit the Panther Help Desk and speak with a STAR team member.