Prepping for the SATs

The College Board

Devyn Forcina

Many students recently took the PSAT on October 15. It provided students with experience regarding the time limits, question formatting, and layout of the upcoming SATs. Preparation is key to doing well on this assessment. It is different than other standardized tests, such as MCAS, which students had been preparing for since the early age of eight.

Daily Practice for the New SAT app

A quick and easy way for students to prepare for the SAT is the app, Daily Practice for the New SAT. It is an app created by CollegeBoard. Each day, the app presents an SAT style question belonging to any one of the four sections (Reading, Writing and Language, Math Test- Non Calculator, and Math Test- Calculator).

By using this app, students will become accustomed to the types of questions on the SAT. Best of all, the app links up with students’ CollegeBoard accounts, and with Khan Academy. Based off of students performance in the app, Khan Academy will give them practice problems and videos for the areas they need to study the most. Another beneficial feature- the app will scan practice tests by CollegeBoard, and will grade them for you automatically.

Practice Tests

Practice tests are the best way to prepare for the SAT. Completing them will familiarize students with the format and question types. When taking practice tests, students should be sure to time themselves so that they get used to working under the clock. This will eliminate stress on test day.

Prep Books

CollegeBoard has a great book entitled, The Official SAT Study Guide. It has sample questions, four SAT practice tests, and detailed explanations of right or wrong answers. This book is available for purchase at Barnes and Noble or on Amazon. This is not the only book for thorough SAT preparation, however, it’s assets make it one to be highly recommended.

Question Strategies

Students should remember classic problem solving techniques while taking the SAT. When answering a multiple choice question, eliminate answers that are wrong immediately. Go with your gut! It is important to check your work, but students doubt their initial choices, which are normally correct.

Skip questions that are troublesome and return to them later. It is better to solve more problems correctly than to waste time on one problem. And, answering more questions might provide some insight on how to solve the hard one!

Ask around

Students should not hesitate to ask Guidance Counselors or teachers for advice on the SATs. They can provide information regarding preparation techniques, SAT classes, or tutors that can assist a student’s studying process.

This is an extremely important test, especially for students planning on going to college. However, with the proper foundation, students can do well on this test, with much less stress.