Free Prom Tickets!

Free Prom Tickets!

Devyn Forcina, Writer

Attention class of 2018! Do you want to go to prom for free? Read to find out how you can!

A fundraiser has just begun for the junior class. It is selling food, college nuts, and magazine subscriptions.

The end date November 3rd.

If you buy or sell:

6 items, you can get $10 off of your ticket.

12 items, you get 50% off of your ticket.

18 items, your ticket is free!

All of the items will be sent to the school before the holidays. They make perfect holiday gifts for friends and family!

Students will be able to pick up their items once student council notifies them.

“Fundraising is the key to an amazing prom and fun senior week,” states Kendall Swanson, the class of 2018 Secretary.

Pick up a packet like the one depicted in the photo to start fundraising.

Packets are available before school in room 226 on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week!

Some good ways to start are reaching out to extended family, neighbors, or your parents coworkers.

If you have further questions, contact your student council members or class advisors.