FHS Students on School Lunches

FHS Students on School Lunches

Kevin O'Rielly, Writer

School lunch. You either like it, or you hate it. We talked to two Franklin High School students, a school lunch buyer, and a school lunch hater, on their thoughts and opinions on the lunches.

When asked what they think about the food that the school serves, Brennan Rivera, who is not a fan of the lunches, said: “I think it needs to improve in quality, because sometimes the specials aren’t very good.” Brennan added, “I think they should get fresher food for the school,” when asked about how the school could improve on the lunches.

Nolan O’Rourke, who buys lunch everyday, said: “I like the chicken sandwich best because I think it’s better than all the other options,” when asked about what he likes the most.

Brennan said that his favorite lunch period is second because it isn’t as packed as other lunches, while Nolan said first lunch is his favorite because he isn’t hungry for the rest of the day.

When asked about what the school should do for students who cannot afford school lunch, Nolan said they should set up a program to help them be able to pay.

Brennan says that most of his friends buy lunch, and Nolan says only a few of his friends buy it.

Brennan says that the main reason he does not buy school lunch is: “I think I can make a good lunch myself, and I save money.”