Lending a Hand with Latas for Love


Alycia Felli, Features Editor


Each year Franklin High School’s Spanish National Honors Society chapter, Horizontes, runs a service project to benefit a variety of Spanish speaking communities. This year, President Alex Marzoratti has initiated the project: Latas for Love.

Marzoratti elaborates that “the project is a bottle and can drive to raise money for FANA, an orphanage and adoption agency based out of Bogota, Colombia. [They] also have a lo

Photo Credits to: Families of FANA

cation in Lowell, Massachusetts, so we are donating to them because they help find homes for children who don’t have families.”

FANA, or Foundation for the Assistance of Abandoned Children, holds a personal connection for the President of Horizontes.

Marzoratti explains: “I chose to donate to FANA because my mom was adopted from their headquarters in Columbia… I saw [this as] a great opportunity to give back to a community that wasn’t only my own.”

Along with other members of the service group within the society, Marzoratti collects bottles and cans everyday after school and recycles them for return change. The group is on track to collecting $500.

To help out, you can dispose of your eligible cans and bottle in one of the two large recycling bins at the Cafeteria entrance, or donate to the GoFundMe page.

The bottle and can collection will continue through the end of the year prior to break (until December 23rd).