Layout…Aerial…Pike = FHS Gymnastics Team


Lily Graf, Writer

Gymnastics was popular at FHS 15 years ago and now the school would love as many people as possible to join to keep the team going strong. They practice every day at Flipside in Medway to make sure the team is ready for the meets. They do so many things such as… floor, beam, bars and vault…and they have great jackets and uniforms!  This year the team will be in the yearbook, so check them out!

Daily practice takes place after school from 2:30 to 4:00, or sometimes later. Team members run around the gym floor for five minutes, then they spread out on the floor and start warming up. They do strengthening and conditioning so they will not get any injuries. Then later they do their round-offs, back handsprings, front tucks, areal and back tucks. After that they will go on any event they want to work on. On the bars, they go flying high and stick the landing. On the vault, they run very fast, then spring off the springboard and land on the mat. On the beam, they will do turns and back walkovers and try to keep the balance. On the floor, they will work on their floor routine.  After all of their hard work it is time to go home and feel good about what they accomplished.

Gymnastics started a long time ago — back in 1759 — in ancient Greece.  It was originally used as military training for soldiers. Men’s gymnastics was in the Olympic Games in 1896. Women’s Olympic gymnastics started in 1936 with an all-around competition. Early in the Olympics, men from all countries around the world participated. In the 1950s, the Soviet Union and Eastern European countries began participating in men’s and women’s gymnasts.

If you’re interested in joining the team — go for it!  You too can show off FHS’ gymnastics spirit to the world.