Bring Homework to Classroom!

After polling students at FHS it has become clear that some students are unaware of where to find their homework assignments. While some teachers post assignments in Classroom, others continue posting homework through other outlets. In order to keep track of his homework Alex Haba tries, “remembering or checking docs”.


Since paper planners are a thing of the past, it’s important that teachers have a universal online resource to post homework. Since a majority of the teachers here at FHS use Google Classroom, it makes the most sense if all the teachers use Google Classroom as their outlet to post homework and other assignments.


This issue of homework not being posted in one place poses an issue for students.  If a student doesn’t know where to find the homework, and they don’t remember it, this can potentially set them back in class the next day.


79.2% of students in the survey agreed that they find some form of homework only written or spoken in class. In this same group of students, 95.8% of students agreed that they are able to find their homework on Google Classroom as an “assignment”. This would mean that the majority of students are finding homework on more than one online outlet.


JoJo Yang stated that she can find her homework on ”Classroom, and if I can remember it if it’s not in Classroom.”


Finding homework from other outlets is a damper on students productivity. Homework that is not being completed, could be due to confusion on where to find homework.


Franklin High School is Google based. Google Chromebooks. Google email accounts.


Teachers should begin to move over to Google Classroom if they haven’t already.