A Cause Worth Connecting For

Nicole Sparages and Teerith Pasricha with posters advertising the club.

Nicole Sparages and Teerith Pasricha with posters advertising the club.

Alyssa Carolan

Franklin High School has welcomed a new club aimed at creating awareness and raising funds for cancer patients. Connect 4 Cancer is a cancer awareness charity based out of Los Angeles, California and has been introduced into many high schools in the form of a club. The overall goal of this club is to benefit local hospitals as well as larger organizations through fundraising and advocacy.

Raising awareness of cancer is vital because cancer has been a leading cause of death around the world for many years.  According to a Cancer Research UK statistic, 8.2 million people died from cancer in 2012.

In the club, members plan to organize various fundraisers throughout the year to donate funds to hospitals serving cancer patients.  In addition to fundraisers, the club is trying to spread awareness by inviting guest speakers from hospitals to come in and talk to the club about the world of cancer, ranging anywhere from all the research being done and how cancer affects their lives.  As their first project, members made cards for cancer patients a few weeks ago to wish the patients a happy holiday.  These cards were sent to Dana Farber as it’s one of the bigger cancer hospitals in Boston, so more patients would receive them.

As for the fundraisers, co-presidents, Teerith Pasricha and Nicole Sparages, have some ideas such as a Lollipop Fundraiser.  These fundraisers aren’t only to raise funds for cancer patients; they are intended to spread awareness at the same time.

As a personal goal for the club, Teerith hopes that the club can “really make an impact on the world of cancer.  Cancer, being such a personal topic for me, makes me even more motivated to explore the many ways we can make a difference.”

Nicole also has a similar goal for the club as she wants to “raise awareness in our school and community.  While cancer has a major role in our world, today makes me have higher hopes for this club to make a difference.”

If you’re interested in joining Connect 4 Cancer, they meet every Tuesday in project room, 226.  Any meeting dates will be announced via Twitter @fhs_c4c, Google Classroom (code: ap12o7), or on the announcements.  Their next meeting is Tuesday, January 24th.