See The Cure For Senioritis Here

Grace Griffin, Kylee Hurley, Kendyl Ryan

Grace Griffin , Jessica Simms, Ciara Chaves

It’s that time of the year again! With the second semester of senior year underway, a record number of students are claiming senioritis as the reason for their poor performance. How do you know if you’ve contracted the deadly parasite that eats away at grades? Here’s some common symptoms:


  1. You enjoy staring at a wall more than doing any classwork
  2. You count the number of absences that you have and use every. Single. One.
  3. You use the comfy chairs in the library as your bed during directed study
  4. You have a test? Today?
  5. Sweatpants and joggers are your new jeans
  6. You have tons of notebooks in your backpack but never open a single one
  7. You absolutely do not care about anything related to school
  8. Homework? What is that?
  9. You see a teacher walking into school and go back to your car
  10. You bring your breakfast in the morning and don’t care if you get kicked out of class-you’ll eat it in the hallway