Meet the Senior Whose Drawing of Tom Brady Went Viral

Jillian Reynolds, Editor

tom_brady_drawingImagine waking up and finding a piece of your own artwork showing up as the first post you see on Twitter; then Instagram; then Facebook. Before you know it, you can’t scroll through your social media accounts without it showing up, gaining hundreds of retweets and reposts.

Well, this is exactly what happened to Franklin High School senior, Emma Trinanes. Trinanes has been drawing her entire life, pulling from her parent’s encouragement to be creative. Inspired by her love for the New England Patriots, Trinanes decided to draw quarterback Tom Brady “back in February, [when] the Super Bowl was coming up. [She] figured it would be a good homage to [Brady].

Taking her only seven hours to complete, Trinanes used a normal pencil, a black colored pencil, ink, and a pen that is contains black and white ink. Afterward, she submitted it to the Twitter account Only In Boston, which has over 378 thousand followers, receiving a response six and a half months later asking for permission to post it.

Shortly after, the number of retweets and likes came flowing in, currently earning over 1.9 thousand likes, hundreds of retweets, and dozens of comments full of praise for the young artist. The drawing has been reposted on Instagram and Facebook with numerous likes and comments.

Regarding the impressive amount of support the drawing has earned, Trinanes reveals, “It was pretty wild. I didn’t expect it because a lot of the tweets on the account sort of hit a certain number, [usually reaching up to 500 likes], then [the number of likes on my picture] just kept going, like random people kept finding it”.

Despite all of the online recognition Trinanes is receiving, she asserts that she has only become “gym famous”, in that she is recognized in little ways, such as people bringing up her artwork at the gym. Since waking up and seeing her artwork all over social media platforms, Emma Trinanes’ life has barely changed, but it is definitely an experience that she will hold on to.