48 Hours in Franklin: Through the Eyes of a Filmmaker

Matthew Durkey

Matthew Durkey, FHS Filmographer

In a period of about 48 hours over the weekend of March 17th and 18th, several Franklin High School student groups, teams, and organizations took part in various competitions and playoff games. Pantherbook is proud to launch a series entitled “48 Hours in Franklin”  that allows the students to share their experiences of those days.
Our third part of the series is written by FHS Junior Matt Durkey, who documented the Boys Basketball playoff run to the State Finals on film.

Being a young filmmaker, this playoff run was a dream. A run that reflects on the hard work the Franklin Panthers put in the whole entire year leading up to the final.

As for me, this all started with just an idea. Filming and editing is something I have had a passion for since I was little, so documenting the Panthers on the start of their run was a thought I didn’t second guess.

After being down in the final minute of the first round game against AB, I would have laughed at you if you told me this team would be competing for the division one final. Boy was I wrong. After a solid second round win, to the rematch game of last year against St. John’s, to the season defining eight point come back in the final twenty-three seconds of the semi-final, this team proved that this run was destiny.

I got to document the team on their final practice before they headed out to Springfield. It was definitely a light practice: something the team was more of deserving though. After a final interview with the team, they were off.

Saturday finally came, and I made my way down to the Massmutual Center. A couple signed papers, a media pass, and I was all set to go. Walking out onto ground level, and seeing a Rattle City crowd more than one hundred and fifty people made me feel proud that I go to this school. Rattle City was a huge part of the team’s season, and coming off a rowdy semi final game, they were in full effect. As the team came out the first time, you could feel the emotion in the crowd, a feeling I most certainly won’t forget.

After the first few possessions, we were all sure of one thing, Cambridge had some height. A few quick fouls on junior, Connor Peterson, made it tough for the team to stop the 6’8 center from Cambridge. The close game started to slip away, and by midway through the third quarter, reality started to set in. The Panthers just couldn’t find their shot, but they never quit.

Captain, Paul Mahon fouled out halfway through the fourth quarter, and a very deserved standing ovation was given. I had only been following the team through the playoffs but I felt like I had been documenting him, and the team, the whole year.

With a few minutes left, the seniors,  Josh Macchi, Connor Goldstein, James Hanlon, and Mike Doherty, got their ovations for the incredible four years that they gave to the program, and then that was it. The Cambridge bench cheers as the clock hit zero, and the run was over.

If one moment from this whole thing stuck out to me, it was when freshman guard, Chris Edgehill pointed the crowd. I could see it in his eye, and in the upcoming players eye’s, that they are coming back more hungry next year.

This was an opportunity that I will never be thankful enough for, and I cannot wait to see what this team does next year. History was made, but I have a feeling that a different trophy will becoming to 218 Oak Street next year.