Is The Future of High School XQ?

Vincent DiFilippo

At 8:00-9:00 on Friday night, an event called XQ Super School aired on many channels like ABC, NBC, and Fox with the message of improving education across the world. This event was organized by children with this intent. They brought in celebrities, music stars, and YouTubers to add their thoughts and feelings about improving education. However, with this good intention, the idea of showing this was quite contradictory to their message. For example, at the beginning of the event, they showed how things like cars and phones evolved over time while high schools stayed the same.

The first way this was shown was when the directors went to Houston, Texas where they interviewed the 81 year old principal Burtie Simmons at Furr high school to showcase the improvements that they have made in education at Furr HS. While this show was supposed to show how High Schools were changing, in the background  of the showcase we see parts of the school with the same format as those XQ criticized as being bland and unevolved. Celebrities such as DJ Khaled, ASAP Science, and Miranda Cosgrove were there to talk about how to be more active and engaging in education, like how students shouldn’t be in their seats all the time, and doing engaging activities like VR and real-life biology. While this had a good impact, XQ was lucky that fans of these celebrities only came to see them and didn’t care about the message. For example, Jake Paul, who is a YouTube star, decided to help Hurricane Harvey victims, and asked all his fans to donate to the cause. However, I believe that most fans only showed up to see Jake Paul, and the event ended with nothing being accomplished.

This did not happen in this case, but if it did, the point of celebrities would hinder their point rather than impact their audience.  They also used music such as “Rise up” and “Come Together” to convey their message. This was probably the most effective way to put their message across the board. Overall, while some of their messages were contradictory, the point still stands that education in the future should change for the better by being more active and engaging, and I strongly suggest that the Franklin High School staff follow the example that XQ has set.