Our Last Chapter: Class of 2018


Hailey Strier and other seniors share their feelings on senior year.

Dharani Rangthale, Editor

The beginning of senior year is challenging as students try to manage their course loads and figure out their future careers as some start writing their college applications.  

The applications are tedious to some students.

“I’m mostly stressed out by the essay section of the application,” Sydney Robinson says. “It’ll take some time to make it reflect who I am.”  

There is also the pressure that comes along with needing to get accepted to a college, with many seniors taking and retaking standardized tests and making sure their grades are where they want them to be.  Worse is the case of senioritis heard from last year which cause seniors to become lazy as their year ends.

“It is all very overwhelming,” says senior Lilly Sennott, when asked about how she feels about the exciting yet intense year.

“Senior year feels surreal to me. Am I actually almost done with high school? I still feel like I’m in sixth grade. The years have just flown by” adds Hailey Strier.

The past years of high school have been  stressful at times and peaceful other times. However, in the end, they will get their diploma and be done with high school despite worrying during their freshman, sophomore, and junior years how their senior year would end. Many students also have memories of the time they were in high school, like the music performances and the games they went to, that they are sad have ended.  

Graduation is set to be on June 1st, 2018, and it will come by so quickly that seniors will not realize how they are finished with high school.

High school does really go by quickly, so it is important to be productive during these  four years in order to reach the next stage of their future whether it is college or a career.  Remember, that we should choose to live in this moment and take whatever opportunities are in reach.