Your @fhsgov at work- Week Two

Kristen Sindoni

This past Friday student government had a large group meeting, where they focused on student issues that they want to tackle. After brainstorming as a group they determined they wanted to focus on possibly being able to use the courtyard throughout the day, and senior privileges.

Also at their Friday meeting, students came to run to be on Senator Spilka’s advisory board. After each candidate said a little bit about why they wanted this position the representative took a vote. Congratulations to Samiha Rao who will be on Senator Spilka’s advisory board this year.

In the next few weeks student gov is working toward organizing the Clubs and Activities Fair, which is going to be next Thursday, September 28. In addition to the club and activities fair they are also getting ready for Homecoming. Due to all the planning that has to be done to make these events successful, their usual Friday meeting was moved to Tuesday. At this meeting the students broke off into groups. The homecoming group started talking about who they need to contact, and what needs to be done in the next few weeks in order to prepare for the dance.

In addition to planning the homecoming dance, this group also started planning for the homecoming floats which will be displayed at the football game on October 13th.

Another group was working on the clubs and activities fair, and more information about this event will be soon to come. And finally there was another group of students who continued working on how they are going to approach solving the student issues. Overall these past two meetings have been very busy and everyone is very excited to continue working on these projects in the upcoming weeks.