Activities Fair

Kristen Sindoni

On Thursday September 28th Student Government will be hosting a Clubs and Activities Fair.

The activities fair is where each club that chooses to participate, will set up a table where students will be able to see what their club is all about. While students walk around they can “sign up” for any club that the wish to participate in or feel they might me interested in.

The activities fair will take place during A period. If you have first lunch you will go to lunch then to the courtyard during fourth lunch. If you have second lunch you will report to class where attendance will be taken then go to the activities fair, then to usual second lunch. If you have third lunch you will go to the courtyard during second lunch, then go to regular third lunch. And finally if you have fourth lunch you will go to the courtyard during third lunch, then go to the normal fourth lunch.  The activities fair is a great time to see what the school has to offer and an easy way to start getting involved.

Club Fair Schedule


In the case of rain, the rain date will be the following day, Friday September 29th.