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From left to right: Elizabeth Ball, Anna Eppihimer, and Jess Khuc are pictured at writing club.

Dharani Rangthale, Editor


Franklin High School’s creative writing club, the Franklin Review,  is set for another year.

The club’s President is senior Raveena Dookhan,  and she hopes for the club to have another successful year with all of their writing.  

The purpose of this club is to give writers a place to spend time and write with others who enjoy it and learn more about writing to better their skills. People can write anything they want in any genre. The club compiles the submissions through a magazine piece where members decide what writing is showcased.  Therefore, all writing is accepted, and anything they decide needs to be shared is shared.

This year, they plan on becoming more inclusive outside of writing. Last year, they had worked with the photography club to showcase their talents.  

“I would like to continue being more inclusive and try to reach out to the art club, so any members who would like to act as a liaison are greatly welcomed,” Raveena Dookhan states.

Furthermore, the club holds writing competitions, most of which are discussed and created by the members. Anyone is able to submit though regardless of their membership.

“The club is important because it helps foster writers and editors and gives them a place where they can grow and experiment with different techniques and genres. It’s a place where, while we practice and learn about writing, there is no formal structure of the pressure of grades. Everything done is for yourself and is based on your interests,” Dookhan concludes, highlighting the need for the club’s existence.

The club meets on most Tuesdays in room 236; everyone is welcome to join.  They post their work on their website,  Follow them on Twitter @FHSwriting.