Girl Up: Girls Changing the World

Girl Up: Girls Changing the World

Katie Molloy, Writer

Girl Up is back for it’s second year at Franklin High!

President, Samiha Rao, along with new and old club members welcome the new year with open arms and say they plan to do a lot. Some of things she mentioned are: more fundraisers, awareness campaigns, and advocacy meetings!

When most students are posed with the question “What is feminism?” or “What is Girl Up?” it is often misconstrued as female superiority, which is not the case.  Feminism is the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes. Samiha has said that she hopes to create a family out of Girl Up, a family that works together towards a common goal and spreads love and equality throughout the community.

Girl Up meets in room 242 from 2:05 until 3:05 and has been meeting every Monday since October in 2016. Samiha has worked hard to create the club, present it to Ms. Redding, and get it approved by the Board. Her hard work payed off, because of the many events the club was able to do last year. There were Movie Nights, International Day of The Girl, The Global 5K, and Girl Up raised over $500!

When asked about the members of Girl Up, Samiha proudly stated that the club contains passionate, energetic, kind, hard-working and creative individuals. The newly elected Vice President, Ellie Chouinard, was quick to add that Girl Up members are smart and dedicated students. If you see yourself in any of these characteristics, Girl Up is open to anyone who would like to join!

Be sure to join Girl Up for their movie night Monday, October 16th, right after school from 2:10-4:30pm.  They will be watching “Hidden Figures,” and there will be food! Come to room 242 for the food, then they’ll move into the Lecture Hall for the movie.  Watch the trailer here.

Join Girl Up if you want to help change the world!